Sunday, January 8, 2012

My adventures with EA customer service!

Okay, so a couple months ago I was playing my game, and it went purple. Completely purple. No sound or anything. I had to re-start my computer. I tried playing it again, but it went purple again. I uninstalled it.
Now, because I'm super lazy, I hadn't re-installed until recently. Like, two weeks ago. The launcher wouldn't work.
So I went on the TS3 tech help forums, and, of course, I got no reply. So then I just scoured the interwebs trying to find stuff. It wasn't very helpful.
So I chatted with an EA help person named Sourbh. (How do you even pronounce that?) It went like this:

Sourbh: Hello.
me: Hi, my game launcher isn't working.
(five minutes later)
Sourbh: Hello (name), I am very happy to be able to assist you. How are you?
me: Fine, but my game isn't working.

(thirty minutes later)

Sourbh: Okay, let me search for your problem.

(thirty minutes later)

Sourbh: Your graphics driver is out of date. Here is the download for the new one: (link)

AH FINALLY! (yah, it was a weird answer but I didn't care. I WANT MY GAME TO WORK)

So I downloaded the thing, and it didn't work! He was wrong! My driver wasn't out of date! SO annoying!

This post is long already, but long story short = I seriously upgraded like, fifty programs to get the stupid thing to work. And the launcher still doesn't work T.T

But oh well. I can play the game, I can take comp pics. I am very happy :D


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