Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kind of in and out / 9/11

I'm not going to be posting much. My life is about to get really busy and we're having some troubles - I'm not going to say much more.

I'm really cutting back on my computer time, so I'm not going to sim, read, comment, compete or judge as much as I'd like to. I already had to drop three comps that I really liked.

So... I'll see you later ;)


I know that most of you aren't Americans, although you don't have to be to know that tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 hijacks.
We're staying close to home tomorrow. Nothing is going to happen near where we live, although we can never be too sure.
I'm not sure what more I can say. It's horrible. I feel so bad to whoever suffered on that day or who is still suffering today/tomorrow.
I'm glad Osama is dead. I'd never say that normally, so it's weird to say it now although he kinds deserves it.

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  1. Hey Spychip

    Sorry to hear that things aren't going too well at the moment, life has this tendency to throw these lovely curve balls at you from time to time.

    Hope things start to improve for you soon. Take all the time you need, most of us will still be here whenever you get the time to pop in ;)