Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake sum up

So... the earthquake originated in Virginia, but was felt by Maryland (Vidkid). A little while later, I felt an 'unrelated' earthquake of a smaller magnitude.

The earthquake in Virginia was 5.8 magnitude (which isn't that big), but for some weird, geological reason, it shook pretty much all of the east coast (see right)

Well, I live in California so earthquakes are no big deal. The reason why it was a big deal in Virginia is because they never get earthquakes. This is like the biggest earthquake in 200 years or something like that. So, while it's not huge, it's not small either.

This is the extent of the damage.



So... Paco's quake and Vid's quake were the same one, being felt in two different places.
Although my quake was different.


  1. That poor chair, it didn't deserve to have that happen to it :(

    One of the joys of where I live. No earthquakes or cyclones or tsunamis.

    Bushfires on the other hand...

  2. And poisonous spiders the size of a human. Don't forget those :D

    Haha, yeah here there aren't cyclones or tsunamis or tornadoes, but earthquakes abound :/