Monday, August 29, 2011

The worst day I've had in like.. a year?

So it started with a bonk. A bonk on the head.

A stupid, malfunctioning garage door panel flipped out and hit my dad on the head. And made the head bleed. Made the head bleed so much that medical attention was required.
But it was at this point that he decided to pull out his manly pride and say that he doesn't need medical attention. His head has been through a lot and it's still fine. And it has been through quite a bit, but every other time he got medical attention.
One time in particular, he had to spend a night in the hospital. He didn't remember his own mother. He had to be in a wheelchair when he went back to work. The wheelchair is gone now, but that was what it was like.

Since he is refusing to go to the hospital, I say, "I'm going outside, and I'm not coming back in until you go."
I never saw the head wound. I'm very bad with blood and I knew that if I saw it it would be bad.
I also knew that they didn't want me being outside, because it's late and because of a certain homeless person.

My grandparents arrived and made him go to the hospital, and coaxed me back into the house.

They glued his head shut. They ran a negative CT scan. He's all better now. We need to wake him up every three hours to make sure that he's okay.

Now aside from that, my sister (who is 6) is practically having a mental breakdown.
My dad has never been known for his health, and when you're young you start to imagine all the things that could happen. When you see your dad bleeding profusely from the head, sometimes you imagine the worst.

She was the one that heard the crash, and ran out to the garage to see. She found him. He never lost consciousness, but she was freaked out nonetheless.
I was out putting the stupid chickens in the coop, and she ran out crying about something. I made out: "She fell and got hurt,"
I knew she was watching Titanic, and so I assumed she was reacting to the scary parts in the movie. So I yelled back,
"Fine! Just turn it off and come down here," and she yelled "No!"
So I started getting suspicious. Why would she not turn off the movie that was scaring her?
Then I heard my mom scream, and say that my dad hurt his head. I dropped a chicken and ran inside, before realizing that I didn't want to see it.

I sat in the back of the house with Dyl (sister) while mom got dad in the car. But he never got in the car. He said he was fine. They weren't going to the hospital.
It was in this flurry that I called my grandparents (who live nearby) to come over with me and Dyl until they got back.

I heard dad yell, "*insert my real name*, it's fine! I'm fine! We don't need to go," so then I say, "Well, I'm just leaving then."
So I left.

And I stayed there for a while until my grandma came and said that she made him go. Everything would be better.

And everything is better. I  knew that he'd be fine if he went to the doctors, miracles happen every day. A bump on the noggin wasn't that bad.
It was just the fact that he wasn't going, it made me think, "What if there's something big that we're missing here? Something fatal that we're overlooking?"

So, in short, really suckishly bad day. My dad's head is wrapped in bandages. At least he's okay.

Is everyone alright? Please tell me you're alright

I know quite a few people that may or may not have been affected by the hurricane Irene. I hope you're alright and I'm sending prayers your way.

Just please let me know if you're alright, because I don't want to see any of my friends get hurt :(

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Had a fun day

My cousin's going-away-to-college party was tonight, and it was so much fun! They had a photo booth with tons of props like *mortarboards and nerd glasses and books.
One of the men from my church (who is Mexican) made the MOST AMAZING Mexican food ever >.< I totally overate but it was delicious! I wanted to take him home and make him cook for us XD

*Why do they call them mortarboards? When you say 'mortarboard' think, boards made of mortar. Not a stupid hat.
And anywho, I'm not going to work all the way through college just to wear a stupid square hat with an annoying tassle. You can't see anything with the tassle! If you get through college, your reward should be to not have to wear those hats >.<

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Heat, assignment 1

Assignment 1: photoshoot in fire.

I used the fog emitter heavily on this, but it wasn't a continuous animation (meaning it would go, be over and then you'd have to get an all new emitter) which was very annoying, mainly because I kept forgetting to put my game on pause, so I'd exit and the anim would run and then be over. Like that.


I'm happy with how it turned out. It's a tiny bit blurry, but I sharpened it quite a bit and didn't make any difference.

Funny graphs

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake sum up

So... the earthquake originated in Virginia, but was felt by Maryland (Vidkid). A little while later, I felt an 'unrelated' earthquake of a smaller magnitude.

The earthquake in Virginia was 5.8 magnitude (which isn't that big), but for some weird, geological reason, it shook pretty much all of the east coast (see right)

Well, I live in California so earthquakes are no big deal. The reason why it was a big deal in Virginia is because they never get earthquakes. This is like the biggest earthquake in 200 years or something like that. So, while it's not huge, it's not small either.

This is the extent of the damage.



So... Paco's quake and Vid's quake were the same one, being felt in two different places.
Although my quake was different.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It just hit here!

An earthquake!

Vid had an earthquake, then Paco, and now me! I wonder if it went across the country... to weird!

Hair drawing attempt

What I did:
  • Shaded skin
  • Drew hair
  • Smoothed skin
  • and lazily plopped the sim on a RL background 'cause I'm a lazy bum :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Too much or not too much? That is the question

You can Quote Me on That

Hot or Not
What Era is It?
Poetic Brilliance

Poetic Brilliance

Is that too much? I'm still bored.

(BTW, like my play on words?)

DEMONS assignment 2

Xylia was given life to protect life. And that's what she does. If she notices that a plant is sickly, she gives part of her life to it.

Xylia is physically tied to the forest. If the forest dies, she dies.
She came close a while ago. A fire had started up and started to burn down the forest, and so the fire burned her, too.

Friday, August 19, 2011

You win this time, Capcha!

Haha, I've been playing sims too much XD

Yesterday I saw a real picture, and I literally thought, "I could have done a WAY better job at skin shading,"


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poetic Brilliance

Check it out! :P

Age analyzer thinks I'm olde :P

Haha, I'm not eighteen-twenty-five! It is cool that that's what they think, though :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


I deleted all my CC.

Now to go and download it all back...

Haha, this stuff is hilarious!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eh, why not?

So I'm deciding to post the prologue to my new story here. I've just started writing.

It's nothing special by any means. But here it is:

With every step my feet softly crunch against the forest earth. My legs have grown tired. Every second I get closer my excitement grows. I start to feel a slight hum, a small vibration. Could it be? I press on harder. I wade in and out of trees, narrowly missing some as I run towards the hum. It gets louder. Farther and farther I go until
I see it.
Right in front of me. This magical tree, this great willow. It glows. It hums. The leaves are floating around it like octopus tentacles. My heart nearly beats out of my chest. I blink my eyes in disbelief. I found it. Am I dreaming? It isn’t out of the question – for years I’ve had dreams similar to this. Although there was no hum. And I imagined the tree like it was in the books: colorless, no life. We only have black ink in the village. Color does it justice.
Stepping closer I feel the magic on my face. Colorful flecks of ecstasy against my skin. My eyes glaze over at the sight of it. Reaching out a hand, I grasp a leafy finger.
A jolt. Through my hand. Up my arm. Across my chest. Down my body and all over. The magic tickles at my mind and makes me want to sneeze, but I can’t; my lungs are suspended in animation.
I float. It takes me a minute to realize this, because I was so focused on the feeling of the jolt. The finger picks me up and gracefully holds me up in the air.
Maybe a minute. Maybe an hour. I fall softly, the finger gently setting me down. I feel changed. My body buzzes.
I can’t share this with anyone.

 So what I want to know is:
Did this make you want to read more?
How was the overall quality?
Anything obvious I should change?

Thnx guys ^.^

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hehe, does this always happen? Vid?

It's a fish chat :P

I'm pretty sure that this isn't normal, but it is funny nonetheless :)

I'm better now :)

Luckily I have an awesome immune system, and my flu was only a one day thing. I still have a fever and I'm fatigued, but I can eat and stuff.

To celebrate my betterness, please enjoy this .gif :D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm sick

I have the stomach flu - no fun.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I want a platypus :o

Seriously, why does Australia have all the cute animals?