Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pose piccies :)

It's a sign language pose ^.^ I came up with the idea of SL poses a while ago, but back then I though that pose making would be all code writing and cryptic stuffs like that.

The sign she's making with her hand is I Love You, meant to be pointed at the person you are saying it to.
It's not perfect, no but I really like it and it's a start :D

The things I want to change:
I wanted her expression to be a light smile, but I went overboard on the eyes and not enough on the mouth.
Also the index finger was giving me problems; and now it looks borked :(


  1. WOO! That's an awesome first try! :D

  2. Awesome you got it working :)

    And you're off to a great start, although I got no idea how you managed to break her finger like that >_<

  3. Hehe, yeah I just accidentally twisted it in a weird way, and instead of just undoing it I decided to fix it myself.... which didn't turn out too well xD