Thursday, July 21, 2011

Neither Hot, Chelle nor Rae

So have you heard of Hot Chelle Rae? I hadn't... until last night.
On America's Got Talent ('cuz we've already established that I watch that show) they said, "And now for a performance of the song that's been everywhere this summer!" And I was like, "Oh crap... it's Friday..."

 But no, it was Tonight Tonight by HCR.

Two things:

1. At one part in the song - the chorus - goes like this:
Lalala Whatever! Lalala It doesn't matter! Lalala Oh well!
And I said that it sounded like somebody should just start shouting random things at those parts. So I started rocking out, going like,
Lalala Watermelon! Lalala Body wash! Lalala Photo album!
 Hehe it was really funny :P

2. I really don't get their name. Because they are neither Hot, Chelle nor Rae! Can you believe it?!

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