Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Need help with Blender! Please! *Updated*

So Blender is being annoying.
I have the .smd add-ons installed and ready to go, I did all that. But when I go to actually import the .smd file, it gives me an error message.

To be more specific:
File > Import > Source Engine
then I get the error message
[One the top it says: Traceback (most recent call last)...]
When I try to enable the .smd add-on

Added screenshots ;)

(The blurred part is just my real name; not anything important)


  1. Hrm, bit hard to tell what it might be, since all errors in blender start with that...

    Are you importing the smd into a .blend file of the adult rig? I'm pretty sure you get an error if you try and import smd files into a new project.

    The best place to read up on all this is this thread here, it also has links to all the necessary files (this is how I learned to do it ;)

  2. What I did was I opened the adult rig (which was a .blend file) and then tried to import the .smd file, which is what Evie's tutorial said.

    But I'll check out that tutorial - it might have different results ^.^