Monday, July 18, 2011

(Insert name of simmer) Has started a new forum!!

(Insert name of simmer) has started a new forum, called (insert name of fake forum)! It looks really cool, see for yourself:

(insert photo of fake forum)
(insert another photo of fake forum)

:D And if you want to join you can find it here: (link to an annoying website OTHER than fake forum).

... Haha, you guys know that I haven't fallen for these tricks any time someone did 'em :D With Paco's I just didn't click the link, I was like 'Meh, I'll stick with Freedom,' and then I heard that it was to a different website and it was a prank, so then I clicked it :p

But anyways, when Mares did it - again - I was like, 'Nope!' and proceeded on with my day (erm, night - since it was like midnight)

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