Friday, July 15, 2011


Yep. I'm in a funk.

It's about talent. I always think that I have talent, but then something happens and what I think goes down the drain.
I am a writer. I love to write, and I have written two short-stories. It's not much, no. But mind you, I am only 13.

I have a very equal philosophy on life: everyone is equal, everyone has equal opportunity, everyone has equal happiness and sadness, everyone has equal talents.
So then I see these young kids that have amazing singing voices, or a ridiculously intelligent mind and I think, 'If everyone is equal, how come I don't have a talent like that? One that stuns people? One that shows so early in life? I see kids on the street everyday (probably doing drugs, in gangs, etc.) - are they capable of this amazing talent? It doesn't seem so, but how fair is that? That how much talent you have isn't up to you.'

And when I say talent, I mean the stuff that you are born with. The thing that you are great at without being taught how.
So doesn't it seem weird to you that while one person's talent is signing, this little 10 year old can come along and totally blow everyone away? Do they have the same amount of talent? No, no they don't.

Sorry if I'm skipping around a lot, but this brings me to a new idea: people have the same amount of talent, but you can deposit it in different areas.
Sally - 100% Singing
Mark - 25% Singing, 50% Athletic, 25% Handy

Does Sally have more talent than Mark? No, all their talents amount to 100%. But Sally is more likely to blow people away, simply because she's an expert at one thing, and doesn't dabble in others. I suppose I would look like this:
Spy - 50% Writing, 10% Cooking, 25% Art, 15% Other

So I dabble. So I'm less likely to stun people with just one thing, since
I'm not 'great' at anything. I'm alright at everything.

In short-er, I'm feeling bad. It might just be because It's late, and when it's late I usually get a painfully large dose of Unhappy.


  1. Yeah, I know the feeling. Average at everything, so whenever there are prizes to be given out, there's always someone over shadowing you -_-
    I get that a lot, especially when our school has its annual award ceremony.
    We should have a prize for people who are good at more than one subject or something...

  2. Look at it this way, it's the 'average' people that make the world work. You can be the greatest singer in the world, but it amounts to nothing if there aren't those to record what you sing, or sell your music, or promote your tours.

    So there's nothing wrong with being 'average', as long as you contribute something positive, at least you contribute something, which is better than contributing nothing ;)

  3. Aw, thanks guys <3 I fell happy now ;)