Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Erm... What was that again?

So while browsing around FB, I saw that one of my friends started a photo album with this as the description:
Um.... correct me if I'm wrong, but I think in English this can be translated as:

If I tagged you then I love you, if I left you out feel free to tag yourself.

I do like how she used the double comma, though. It makes you take TWO breaks when reading the sentence, and after all those misspellings I needed a double break. I think it's very creative of her to use the Qs and Gs, too. It's a concept I've never used before.



  1. LOL, I hope she was kidding O_o

  2. What, about the bad spellings? Unfortunately this is how we'll communicate in future years >.<

    Could you imagine, like, Shakespeare in this language?

    '2 beee,, or not too bee, dat is da kweschun??????'

  3. lololol :D
    'tis kinda worrying actually. My friends accidentally wrote some of one of her essays in text speak 0.o

    Wots in a nem? Dat wich wee caal a roose.
    Iif moosick bee da fud of luv, pllai onn

    lol XP

  4. lol, I have a friend who does that thing, tyyypingggg liiiikeee thiiiss. It bugs the crap out of me.