Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flu stricken family girl walking....

Yep, the stomach flu came to the [insert Spychip's real last name here] household.
First my leetle sis got it. Poor thing, she's only five :( ALTHOUGH she's goanna be six on the fifteenth ;)
Then she got over it, and my mom got it! And my mom just had a very minor surgery, but surgery is surgery. She can't lift heavy things or strain herself. So that means that I'm in charge of said five-year-old.
Which is fine, don't get me wrong... it's just that I'm not totally used to making three meals a day, cleaning the kitchen/living room/whateverelse and still taking time for stupid stuff... like sims :p
Anyway, then my mom got over it and my dad got it. Fun, fun, fun. He got over it so I'm next, although I have a high immune system and I've been taking tons of acidophilus to keep me healthy.

On another note, I've found some cool new bands that I like. I'm a conservative Christian, and so I don't like music with bad meanings/words in it, so I found some Christian-rock bands that I like.

And on another, totally unrelated note, I fell in love with the song Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine. Brilliant. And I've mastered flats/sharps on the piano :p I might be moving on to violin somewhere in the near future :)


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