Thursday, May 5, 2011

REALLLY was not my day...

Last night, I was sitting in bed, on my computer.
When a huge, nasty mosquito hawk landed. Right. On. My. Chest.
You can imagine that I screamed my head off and moved around in a way that was not unlike a seizure.
I jumped off my bed and ran to the kitchen where I got both my sister and a container to catch it in.
However, when we were in my room she started screaming. Why? Because a huge spider was crawling towards us.
So I snapped the spider in the container, and told my sis to grab another one for the mosquito hawk.
She then brought me back a container that would not be big enough to fit the hawk, so I had to ever-so-gently transfer the spider to the smaller container.
With the spider chillin' in the hallway, I went to tackle the biggest problem.
For those of you who don't know that mosquito hawks are, they're a delightful creature.I'm afraid I can't supply you with a legal picture right here so you just need to take my word for it.
Imagine a mosquito that's the size of a young woman's fist. Yeah.

So with my mosquito-hawk-killing powers, I got it captured and let it out into the garage.

... but you wanna guess what we found in the kitchen this morning? A cricket.

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