Friday, April 29, 2011

Nature's Finest: Assignment 1

I'm going to post this on the forums later today, but I wanted to put it here first ;)

 Mount Howler. Big, looming, mysterious. Has anyone reached the top of this monstrous mountain? If they have, they won't be telling anyone soon. The mountain has a bad reputation. Nobody has hiked to the top and lived to tell about it. You hear all these horror stories about hikers falling off the top, getting into a fight with an animal, starving because they didn't bring enough supplies.
Maybe I could make it to the top.  I'm no expert climber, but I do have a few mountains under my belt. And what do I have to lose? Nothing. My parents are dead, my girlfriend is gone and I'm totally broke.
Almost like a sign of what's to come, an abandoned backpack marks the bottom of the mountain. A chill rolls down my spine, but I'm already determined. I will reach the top. 

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