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New pic :D


I'm so happy with it :D This is my first edit with a tablet! I think it looks great, if I do say so myself :P

*bonus points = name the song I made it for :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


WHAT? I understand the Citibank stuffs, but SERIOUSLY?!

... and who in the world s jobrill tanyaruirose?

My adventures with EA customer service!

Okay, so a couple months ago I was playing my game, and it went purple. Completely purple. No sound or anything. I had to re-start my computer. I tried playing it again, but it went purple again. I uninstalled it.
Now, because I'm super lazy, I hadn't re-installed until recently. Like, two weeks ago. The launcher wouldn't work.
So I went on the TS3 tech help forums, and, of course, I got no reply. So then I just scoured the interwebs trying to find stuff. It wasn't very helpful.
So I chatted with an EA help person named Sourbh. (How do you even pronounce that?) It went like this:

Sourbh: Hello.
me: Hi, my game launcher isn't working.
(five minutes later)
Sourbh: Hello (name), I am very happy to be able to assist you. How are you?
me: Fine, but my game isn't working.

(thirty minutes later)

Sourbh: Okay, let me search for your problem.

(thirty minutes later)

Sourbh: Your graphics driver is out of date. Here is the download for the new one: (link)

AH FINALLY! (yah, it was a weird answer but I didn't care. I WANT MY GAME TO WORK)

So I downloaded the thing, and it didn't work! He was wrong! My driver wasn't out of date! SO annoying!

This post is long already, but long story short = I seriously upgraded like, fifty programs to get the stupid thing to work. And the launcher still doesn't work T.T

But oh well. I can play the game, I can take comp pics. I am very happy :D


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where has Spychip been?

Well, where hasn't she?

Yeah, I've been gone. For a long time. I just kinda pushed this blog really far back on my priorities, but just quick (long) little (big) update before I duck out again.

I went to New York!
Just a couple days ago. I left on Sunday, and came home on Thursday. It was amazing! I loved it! Pics will come later ;)
One thing you may not know about me - I'm Irish! Amid many other things, but mostly Irish. Well, it's actually a tie between Irish and Cherokee.... then after that comes Welsh, German, Swedish, Scottish, Blackfoot and Portuguese.
But, anyway, we visited Ellis Island where my great-grandmother came in from Ireland! She and her husband moved to New Jersey, where my grandfather was born. He then moved out to California to live with my grandma, and that's how I came to be here :)

I went to Diznay land
Before NY, in November. I met an awesome guy with a light-up cane. He was awesome :) I also bought a Perry the platypus doll, and named it Perrin 'cause she's a girl. It fell out of my bag one day and this teen guy gave it back to me. I probably scared him - odd teenage girl with rainbow socks loses a platypus that she seemingly loves.

Somebody asked me how my education was
No joke - this guy seriously called out to me, "Hey, little lady," and I know by that that he's one of my favorite people (not). Yes, I may be a 'little lady', but learn my name. It's not hard to remember.
"How's your education going?"
Horrible. I'm stupid as can be. It's not like I've been speaking to you for the past thirty minutes. I think that Kentucky is next to Montana. I think that polar bears have rainbow fur. I mean what did he expect me to say?
"Yes, my education  is going well. How's your education?"

I hate it when people ask me stupid questions like that, especially about my social life.
"Do you have friends?"
"Yes, I have one friend; a rock, named Bob. He whispers things to me. He tells me to light things on fire, and I get in trouble when I listen to him. When I get in trouble, I have to sit in the corner facing the wall. If I make eye contact or speak, I have to be in time out for another two hours.
I also speak with leprechauns on a daily basis."

And.... now, I guess that's it. Huh. It seemed like more to me :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The song in the commercial with lyrics like:

life is a rolling ocean if you wanna stay in motion

is called Ahead of the Wave by The Non-Commissioned Officers


This has totally been driving me bonkers. I finally found it!